Burn It Down

by Avenged Sevenfold

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City Of Evil

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Avenged Sevenfold

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Bar 1 - 8 of track 3 and 4 are the frets that zacky and syn use to pickscrape. Bar 176 is a 3.1 Harmonic. This means that your finger should be approximately a tenth from the start of fret 3. Thus both strings ( G and D ) will be harmonically pick by slightly touching the strings and picking. ( I'm assuming all of you guitarist already know about natural harmonics!! :) ) The second interludes drums was too much trouble tabbing, so i just decided bleh, screw this!! haha...im lazy... The Drum Fills right before the end of the choruses i had trouble with tabbing, so don't email me telling me its incomplete. I deliberately left it out, so that someone can fill it in! :) This tab took me A LOT of time. like 10 or more hours or so. anyways, comment on tab and tell me what you thinksss!! bars 205 - 206, has some really off timing drumming to it ykno, like freaky ass triplet shizzle. took me LOTS of time and i actually i perfectly tabbed it, tell me whatcha thinksss!!!