Come Back To Me

by Ayreon

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Come Back To Me (Single) Original: The Human Equation

Song Author

Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Tabbed by

Tabbed by Roel


1st → Drums
2nd → Vocals James
3rd → Keyboard
4th → Acoustic Guitar 2
5th → Acoustic Guitar 1
6th → Bass Guitar
7th → Electric Guitar (12-string)
8th → Mellotron 2
9th → Mellotron 1
10th → Vocals Arjen (2)
11th → Vocals Arjen

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This is the tab for the Single Remix Version of Hope, I made it as complete as possible, I hope you will all ebjoy it, it's one of the nicest songs I've ever heard. Drums, Basses and the Acoustic interlude I've taken from the Hope version of the song, I changed the Interlude a bit but I'm not sure it's right. I made the rest myself. Some instruments are louder here, but they are also there in the song, you have to listen carefully! Enjoy playing it =) Any questions, mail me: