The New Era

by Bleach

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Intro/ chorus broken bones blood sweat eyes always alone can't denie {that i've} Broken Bones Blood Sweat Eyes Can't Denie My own sweet... Verse I This is not where i should go now This is not where is supposed to be They complainings to my head, is Measuring me to mini on this day i felt down on my knees Chorus With my broken bones And my blood sweat eyes I�m always alone and can't denie {that i've} Broken Bones And some Blood Sweat Eyes I Can't Denie My own sweet Suicide Verse II Always believed you would make me something always believed i would see now the day, is the day, that they may cary me always believed i would see. Solo I the day has come! Between solo I & II the day has come that i see the sel fish me! Verse III always believing, always wanted to see this is how i became the selfish me never cooparating never thaught i be Always believing in the selfish me Bridge Crawling deep under the skin, through flesh through bones Like they got a secret to keep, turn the key, ready to be closed The chapter now, is about to closs Next one is opening, ready to be written Dissapearing with the old ones, But blink and i will be back Always believed you would make me something, the only thing i asked Through the new era, I wanted to see Never thaught I would see the selfish me