Empire Ants

by Gorillaz

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Plastic Beach

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1st → Drumkit
2nd → Synth Bass
3rd → Piano/Synth 4
4th → Synth 2
5th → Synth 1
6th → Male Vocals
7th → Synth 3
8th → Male Vocal Harmonies
9th → Female Vocals
10th → Rhythm Acoustic Guitar
11th → Lead Acoustic Guitar

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Oh joys a-rise The Sun has come a-gain to hold you Sai-ling out the dol-drums of the week The po-ly-pho-nic prai-ries here, it's all a-round you It's all a-round you, out here And if the whole world is cra-shing down on you Fall through space out of mind with me Where the e-mpty-ness we leave be-hind on Warm air ri-sing Blows all the sha-dows far a-way The fa-lling of the whole em-pire is here To hold you Ro-lling out and haun-ted 'till it sleeps