Serial Killer

by Slash's Snakepit

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Ain't Life Grand

Song Author

Slash, J. Griparic, R. Jackson, M. Laug, R. Roxie, J. Douglas

Tabbed by

Guitar: Peter Phythian ( - Bass: Peter Phythian (


1st → Acoustic
2nd → Left Channel
3rd → Right Channel
4th → Untitled
5th → solo overdub guitar
6th → Piano (interlude)
7th → Piano (intro)
8th → Percusi´┐Żn

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Guitar Notes: Intro played fingerstyle on acoustic. Take note of different notes played in main/chorus riff between guitars 2 & 3, sounds great with two guitars cranked up. I think the interlude requires volume pedal, delay and heaps of chorus Bass Notes: I have used two pianos in the bass score, one for the intro and one for the interlude/breakdown. I have used two because the intro piano is so high pitched which required offsets which were not needed on the interlude. I placed the pianos on