The Man Of Steel

by Spiritus Mortis

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The God Behind The God

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Sami Hynninen, Teemu Maijala, VP Rapo

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Notice Lyrics: Ultimate in body and soul Every cell hard as diamond Every thought crystal clear Unbending Unbreakable Untamed free and wild spirit Fearless, obeying no one The man of steel Able to stand the heat of god-forsaken deserts And the cold breezes of Nordic hells Crushing with the embrace of sole power Cold and strict life force The man of steel Forever going Never stopping Never surrendering Extreme in brilliance and courage Rise with the man of steel Strike with the man of steel Drink in honour of the man of steel Hold the banner of the man of steel March with the man of steel Rejoice with the man of steel Die for the man of steel Obey every command given by the man of steel ---- Perrkele!