A Portage To The Unknown

by Turisas

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The Varangian Way

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1st → Mathias Nyg�rd
2nd → Jussi Wickstr�m
3rd → Choir (+Bell (+Timpani))
4th → Strings
5th → Lisko
6th → Hannes Horma
7th → Brass
8th → Tude Lehtonen

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We've sailed ac-ross the sea Rowed for miles and miles up-stream Passed by Al-deig-ju-borg Seen Lake Il-men gleam Ing-var took the lead Af-ter Holm-gard as a-greed What the end of Lo-vat meant Was soon to be seen Drip-ping with sweat a new day da-wn on The ropes cut flesh, as they've done in times fore-gone I see my breath, my hands are go-ing numb Far from home we have come An end-less trail in front of m-y eyes A swift take off, had no time for good-byes What will we find and what was left be-hind There's no re-turn, get it off your [mind] [The]wa-ter's changed to sand Lakes and ri-vers turned to land Plough up the roc-ky seas Ride felled down trees Foot by foot we edge Once a ship, now a sled Six reg-u-lar ed-ges and six ver-ti-ces Six e-quil-ate-r-al tri-ang-les Six square fa-ces in an-oth-er dir-ect-ion Pla-to's earth trans-par-ent Give me all you have! Pull as hard as you can Plough up the roc-ky seas Ride felled down trees The wa-ter's changed to sand Lakes and ri-vers turned to land The rug has been pulled from un-der m-y feet All my life made of lies and de-ceit All I have left is a sym-bol on my chest My on-ly lead on my des-perate quest Brand-ed at birth with the sign of Pe-run East of the sun and West of the moon The road now con-tin-ues, North-wind be my guide Wher-e-ver I'm go-ing, the Gods are on my side.


This tab sounds best using RSE - If you use MIDI sound then the volumes of the instuments will be wrong and you'll get an ear full of orchestral nonsense =-> Feel free to tab a version 2 - this is as accurate as i think i can get it without going insane - enjoy =->