Pocket Full Of Gold

by Vince Gill

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Pocket Full Of Gold

Song Author

Vince Gill

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All Instruments By: Ashley Dalby


1st → Vocals: Vince Gill
2nd → Piano: Barry Beckett
3rd → Vocals: Patty Loveless
4th → Guitar: John Hughey
5th → Guitar: Richard Bennett
6th → Bass: Willie Weeks
7th → Bass: Michael Rhodes
8th → Drums: Eddie Bayers

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He slipped the ring off his finger When he walked in the room And he found him some stranger And promised her the moon How many lies you must have told You think you're a rich man With your pocket full of gold For another man's treasure You'd say anything But is one night of pleasure Worth the trouble you'll bring Don't look so surprised 'Cause son I should know I once was a rich man With my pocket full of gold Some night you're gonna wind up On the wrong end of a gun Some jealous guy's gonna show up And you'll pay for what you've done What will it say on your tombstone Here lies a rich man With his pocket full of gold Yeah, here lies a rich man With his pocket full of gold