Miles Away

by Winger

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In The Heart Of The Young

Song Author

Paul Taylor

Tabbed by

Guitar;Vocals;backing vocals;; Bass;Piano: B. Johnson


1st → Kip Winger(Vocals)
2nd → Piano
3rd → Paul + Nateals
4th → Paul Taylor
5th → Synth 1
6th → Bass
7th → Fill In
8th → Drums

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A big thanks to a B. Johnson who supplied the bass and piano pieces, the piano is spot on but bass doesnt work so well in this version. The drums i have to admit are a midi import with slight change in them but the rest is all tabbed by me(sharkadder) :). Vocals dont sound 100% but change instument if needbe. p.s. ever get the feeling you are sick of hearing the same song? lol